What is the pickle package?

THE PICKLE PACKAGE is a package ordered and shipped the first of each quarter (March, June, September and December) with order to be completed on or before the tenth of the previous month (February, May, August and November)


Always a Surprise

And who does not like a good surprise?  THE PICKLE PACKAGE will be filled with 5-7 items chosen by Peggy @ the Pickle and pleasantly packed 'cause it's a special gift from Pickle Papers to you!  You may choose to have your PICKLE PACKAGE shipped or if you are a local you may pick up your package at Pickle Papers on the first day of the quarter. If ordering more than one PICKLE PACKAGE - each needs to be ordered separately please.  And because my website does not do yearly subscriptions  - THE PICKLE PACKAGE needs to be reordered each quarter - (thank you).  

The package shown is not the package you will receive - but the the items inside the package mailed will be wrapped making the package extra special!

Next PICKLE PACKAGE will be shipped August 30 - must order by August 10, 2019


THE PICKLE PACKAGE - sent quarterly
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snippets from previous pickle Package

the pickle package - june 2019